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Head Shot - The Beginning - 2nd Ed Bill Ley

Head Shot - The Beginning - 2nd Ed

Bill Ley

Published December 20th 2013
Kindle Edition
229 pages
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 About the Book 

Head Shot – Volume OneFormerly Published as:Double Tap – Volume OneUnder my Pen Name-Fred GrundyBill LeyAuthor and PublisherThis Novel begins with Kerry Killingsworth and Christopher “Runt” Lee planning a rescue mission as active duty US Navy SEAL’s. They discover that their long time friend and Kerry’s only love, has been captured and being held for ransom by a serial killer, drug dealer, in Colombia who she was there to detain and bring back to the US for prosecution.Master Chief Samuel “Muddy” Waters asks Kerry, as the Team Leader to plan the Op. He does and the rescue Jane and her colleagues, capture the serial killer, and gets away clean without any wounded or loss of any of his people..As a result, the entire team is asked to form a special Clandestine Operations Group and report outside of the US Military chain of command.Follow them through the adventure and how Kerry, Chris, and Jane work through all of the obstacles they encounter in this the first volume of the- Double Tap series.This book is sexually explicit is some scenes due to the nature of the novel. This book is intended for the mature reader.This story has a lot of poignant plot twists laced with a lot of humor, practicality, and is based on sound scientific principles.Enjoy!Bill Ley, Author and PublisherBurleson, TexasEmail: [email protected]